‘Find My Stuff’ Mobile App to Revolutionize the Way We Live in Future

Have you lost keys, rings, wallet or your umbrella? Don’t panic but never loose your mobile phone.

With a new app developed to trace your lost valuables, your mobile phone will be your friend, guide and philosopher in the future. It will soon show you the location of your valuables or important stuff in seconds.

The mobile app “Find My Stuff” is designed to find your valuables by placing small postage stamp-sized electronic tags which can be placed on those valuables that tend to go missing the most.

To loacte an item that is missing, just type into the app, and a wi-fi signal will be sent to the tag, locating the item instantly.

Florian Schaub, a German research assistant at Ulm University, however explained that there is a flipside to it. Another user of “Find My Stuff” would be able to track you and your belongings as you pass by his or her buildings.

To overcome this issue of cross-identification of stuff, “Find My Stuff” app will make use of strong authentication allowing only the right owner to search for his or her lost items.

“We don’t want to build a surveillance network,” said Schaub.

In a survey by insurance firm Esure, the average person loses nine items a week and spends about 15 minutes a day searching for the items.

The German scientists who have developed the app are still fixing some glitches before releasing it officially. Once it is made commercial, it should cost around $80 for individual mobile users.

Though locating missed items using sensors and transmitters is not new, unlike the ‘FindMyStuff’ system, they do not provide a precise location but point the user in the general direction of where the items can be located.



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