Google Glass prescription lenses now available

Google has revealed its Titanium Collection of frames for Google Glass, the frames are specifically made for the Augmented Reality headset.

In a blog post the Glass team admitted that “If we had a nickel for every time someone has asked about prescription lenses for Glass we’d have a lot of nickels.”

With a variation of styles and lenses, from hipster chic to sportswear, you’re bound to find something to like. Google has also played around with the colours of the device, too.

As well as the new frames Google has started to support prescription lenses, as well as looking into users with vision insurance plans. This means that there’s a chance that policies may help cover your new frames. We can guess that the latter will have some pretty specific T’s&C’s though…

Glass has been designed to be integrated with everyday life. Users can take photos and record videos in true first-person, something that was previously restricted to devices like the GoPro Hero 3.

Google Glass also allows users to (completely hands free) access Google services, such as being able to access directions, and Google+ features, like Hangouts and Calendar notifications.

Undoubtedly, this list will grow with the arrival of new software updates resulting in a true Augmented Reality experience that makes Arnie’s Terminator look like a caveman.

Glass Explorers can access Google’s Titanium Collection from tomorrow afternoon. Get yourself to for more info.




One thought on “Google Glass prescription lenses now available

  1. Technology and fashion combined. People will definitely love this product.

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