Is Google poised to dump its Nexus brand?

Google is poised to dump its Nexus brand and replace it with more Google Play Edition devices.

At least that is what the search engine giant is planning to do, according to Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin. Murtazin is known for having close connections to the Russian mobile industry.

According to Murtazin’s sources, Google will launch two more Nexus branded smartphones this year. However, the company will retire the brand by 2015.

In its place will elevate the Play Edition brand to replace it, according to Murtazin.

Murtazin doesn’t expand on the claim, but it does make some sense.

Google Nexus 5

No longer needed?

The Nexus brand was launched by Google to ensure that there were handsets on the market that would receive the latest version of Android almost as soon as it was released.

One of Android’s major flaws is that it has to go through several approval processes before it hits smartphones. First Google needs to approve the latest update, then the handset maker and occasionally the phone network.

This means it can be months and sometimes even a year before smartphones receive the latest update, such as Android KitKat.

An example is that it took nearly 60 days for Android KitKat to be released onHTC’s smartphones. SonySamsung and LG have also taken a similar amount of time to ready the operating system for their own flagship smartphones.

However, recent years has seen an increase in the number of Play Edition handsets being launched by phone makers. Phone makers can quickly push out the updates to these vanilla Android smartphones, essentially making the Nexus line redundant.

All for nought

Despite it making sense for Google to move towards encouraging phone makers to produce more Play Edition phones, it does seem strange it would dump a brand it has built up over the last five years.

What’s more, Nexus editions have also been cheaper than Play Editions. Whether this will change is unclear.



One thought on “Is Google poised to dump its Nexus brand?

  1. Oh well, this could be true. Players in the industry are fast to dump and sell its brands when deemed useless for their technology and future plans.

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