Missing Flappy Bird? Here’s how you can get it back on your Android phone

Flappy Bird has been pulled off the iPhone and Android app stores by its developer and we are still getting over the fact. Here we were dreading years of sequels and false excitement about new versions, only to find ourselves Flappy-Bird-less in a weekend. Of course, those of you who still have the hugely popular and successful game, can continue playing as you have been. However, if you uninstalled the game to keep it from taking over your weekend, this must be pretty bad timing.


Fortunately for those using Android at least, there are many ways to get the game back, thanks to the native ability to sideload apps. Firstly, you have to find the apk for the game. A simple Google search for ‘Flappy Bird apk’ should suffice, although for us at least, one of the first few results turned a website with a Google Drive-hosted apk that had been downloaded so many times, that Google had stopped further downloads. Another option is to look on popular torrent sites. It’s not a big file and clocks in at less than 1 MB so you won’t be burning too much data.

Once downloaded, the apk can only be installed if you have allowed installation of apps from unknown sources. You will find this entry in the security tab of the settings app on your Android phone and it’s a simple checkbox that you should leave checked to be able to sideload apps. Since by default it’s turned off, you may have to turn it on first before installing the app. In any case, the installation UI should warn you about having to turn the setting on.

And that’s it. Once installed, the game should work just fine and you can get back to crashing into pillars and cursing your timing. Of course, using this roundabout trick might break some functionality, such as the Google Play Games sign-in, but that’s working as advertised for us.

Source: http://tech.firstpost.com/news-analysis/get-flappy-bird-android-phone-217944.html


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