How technology has helped modern NGOs

In 21st century technology affects people in all the way. While some are using their resources for wars and in other ways to harm others, there are also some people or organizations who are using it for betterment the living environment for needy people. We know those organizations as “NGO”, or non-profit, non-government organizations.

NGOs like Relief India Trust in India are utilizing these technologies to help poor people. They provide medical services for poor and orphan children, most of who are in critical condition, which generally are unaffordable and out of reach for these children and their parents. The NGO helps these children by admitting them in top hospitals of the country. Thalassemia affected newly born children needs to receive transfusion of blood, once in a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 3 weeks. Relief India Trust organizes blood donation camps and sends it to various hospitals for use.

Relief India Trust also plays a role against HIV and AIDS. They provide support programs, manage comprehensive prevention of HIV and provide technical assistance as well as training to some private and government sector of developing countries. The trust also takes part in cloth distribution, free medical and surgical services in rural areas through volunteers.

For all these no doubt Relief India Trust needs financial help from giving people. So the trust uses latest world of interaction for this. The volunteers from Relief India Trust interact with their helping hands through internet and mobile.


One thought on “How technology has helped modern NGOs

  1. Better utilized resources by Relief India Trust. And this is all for kind works for the society.

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