Ecomsolution’s Instant Mobile Recharge Solution: What is it?

A mobile operator will typically have a prepaid system with a corresponding Voucher Management System (VMS) . Before distributing the voucher cards (physical or virtual) to retail outlets, the voucher numbers on each card are pre-loaded into the VMS with the state of each one set at something like ‘Pending’. When you recharge your phone by entering the voucher number there will be a process that calls the VMS and tries to update the state to something like ‘loaded’ from ‘pending’. Fraud is avoided checking that the voucher number exists in the VMS with the correct state.

INSTANT RECHARGE by Ecomsolution is one of its kind solution for instant mobile recharge. INSTANT RECHARGE can recharge any mobile pre-paid or postpaid and it can also be used to recharge DTH subscriptions.The beauty of the service is that the recharging agent can recharge any mobile or DTH Subscription and every service from a single mobile and a single SIM and online and get instant feedback.



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