HTC set to roll out three wearables including Google Now smartwatch

HTC is reportedly set to launch three wearable devices at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, including a rumoured Google Now smartwatch.

The Taiwanese manufacturer would introduce a HTC smartwatch, based on Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch and use that company”s Mirasol display, featuring Bluetooth connectivity and a music player, apart from an electronic bracelet that plays music.

HTC set to roll out three wearables including Google Now smartwatch

Sources have revealed that another smartwatch that HTC is working on would be based on the Google Now service, The Verge reports.

Although the Google Now concept is promising, there hasn’t been any smartwatch in the market based on the concept and it was speculated last October that Google Now watch could be ”ready within months”.

It is unclear if the search firm itself would produce Google Now smartwatch or Google-owned HTC would unveil it under its banner.

HTC CEO Peter Chou said last year that wearables were ‘critical’ for the sinking company, but that its planned smartwatches had to meet a need to stop them being gimmicks, the report added.



Google Search for Android updated, Google Now Launcher spotted

Google is famous for rolling out minor bug fixes and improvements for its various apps in no time; following this the search engine giant has now rolled out an update for Google Search (version 3.2).


The new update for Google Search is being called a regular bug fix, apart from bringing performance improvements. However, Android Police has noted some new features in the new Google Search update. According to the site, the Google Experience Launcher has also received an update and will soon be reportedly dubbed Google Now Launcher. Further, the site claims that the Google Experience Launcher is installed on the Nexus 5 by default, so the new Google Now Launcher branding will not show up on it.

With the update to Google Experience Launcher, it is being speculated that Google might soon release the Google Now Launcher to other (non-Nexus) Android devices as an app on the Play Store.

The site suggests that the minor bug and performance improvement update in Google Search brings some new features like the new Google Now Launcher name with splash page on starting screen; hotword detection now works in British and Canadian English; icon now imports from old home screen; new animations for Google Now’s expandable card bundles; voice volume now depends on media volume and users can now customize TV provider and on-demand options.

The site also reveals that with the update, the new alarm interface comes with a new blue box along with the regular information cards.

Not too long ago, Google announced a new Search feature, which would give slightly more information about certain websites shown in the search results. These websites, in order to qualify for this feature, would have to be “widely recognized as notable online, when there is enough information to show or when the content may be handy for you,” as per the official blog post.