Samsung unveils Galaxy S5

Korean tech-giant Samsung unveiled it’s much awaited smartphone – the Galaxy S5, on the opening day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.


The fifth phone in the Galaxy S series comes with additional fitness and security features, apart from the usual ones.

The smartphone runs with the latest Android KitKat version 4.4.2 operating system, with a 5.1 inch screen. It also comes with IP67 dust and water resistance, which makes it water proof like the recently unveiled Xperia Z2.

A defining feature of the Galaxy S5 is its enhanced biometric security system: a fingerprint scanner for locking the screen and making mobile payments. This feature has so far only been available in the Apple iPhones.

Another important feature is the phone’s 16 megapixel camera, with fastest autofocus speed up to 0.3 seconds and a selective auto focus feature which allows users to create a shallow depth of field effect.

Samsung has also included various fitness tools, including a pedometer, diet and exercise records, and a built-in heart rate monitor. This feature is inline with the company’s attempts to market the Galaxy S5 as a lifestyle product.

Galaxy S5 will be available across markets in April, in black, white, golden and blue. It Price range for the phone hasn’t been revealed yet.



HTC set to roll out three wearables including Google Now smartwatch

HTC is reportedly set to launch three wearable devices at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, including a rumoured Google Now smartwatch.

The Taiwanese manufacturer would introduce a HTC smartwatch, based on Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch and use that company”s Mirasol display, featuring Bluetooth connectivity and a music player, apart from an electronic bracelet that plays music.

HTC set to roll out three wearables including Google Now smartwatch

Sources have revealed that another smartwatch that HTC is working on would be based on the Google Now service, The Verge reports.

Although the Google Now concept is promising, there hasn’t been any smartwatch in the market based on the concept and it was speculated last October that Google Now watch could be ”ready within months”.

It is unclear if the search firm itself would produce Google Now smartwatch or Google-owned HTC would unveil it under its banner.

HTC CEO Peter Chou said last year that wearables were ‘critical’ for the sinking company, but that its planned smartwatches had to meet a need to stop them being gimmicks, the report added.


Nokia X Android launch: pictures leak

What appears to be an advert for Nokia’s upcoming Android smartphone has been published online.

View image on Twitter

The Nokia X launch date is expected to be unveiled on Monday when the firm holds is Mobile World Congress keynote.

The advert was tweeted by @evleaks on Monday. It shows the Nokia X name that has emerged as the likely moniker of Nokia’s Android phone line. It shows a line of green Lumia-style smartphones heading towards the viewer.

The tweet doesn’t reveal anything further about the phone. @evleaks has established a reputation for being right almost all of the time.

Nokia’s Normandy

Details of Nokia’s first Android smartphone have slowly leaked onto the internet over the last couple of month.

However, the last couple of weeks have seen a raft of speculation and leaks.

They include what the smartphone will look like, most of its specifications and even the version of Android it runs on.

According to those reports, the phone will reportedly run on a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 512MB RAM and come with a 4-inch screen and 4GB of storage. It is also said to feature a microSD card slot and five megapixel camera.

A Vietnamese website suggested that the phone may sell for as little as £66 when it launches.

The Android smartphone is expected to debut at Mobile World Congress next week.


Samsung Poland confirms Galaxy Note 3 Neo details

Samsung Poland has officially shown off the rumoured Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

According to the company, the Neo will come in two versions – a 3G version and 4G model.

The 3G model will come with a quad-core 1.6GHz processor while the LTE model will come with two 1.7GHz Cortex-A15 cores and four 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 cores.

Both models will come with 5.5-inch AMOLED displays, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, an eight megapixel rear facing camera and two megapixel front facing camera.

They will also come with MicroSD card support and a 3,100mAh battery.

Compared to the Galaxy Note 3 that shipped, the Neo has specifications that are down a touch. The Neo also has 0.2 of an inch shaved off the screen.

According to Samsung Poland, the handset will begin shopping in February.

The company has not revealed pricing for the handset.

We’ll probably get more details about the handset at Mobile World Congress next month.



Photo hints at 21 megapixel camera for the Samsung Galaxy S5

A photo has emerged online which may have been taken by a Samsung Galaxy S5. The photo’s data reveals that it was taken by a Samsung device with the model number SM-G900-V.

That model number has been associated with the Samsung Galaxy S5 before – namely the model expected to be available via US network Verizon. However, it is the first time we’ve seen concrete evidence a device with that model number exists.


The image was published to Flipboard by user @123fliptest. Commentators have suggested that the user may in fact be Samsung. They have also posited that the name may hint at deeper Flipboard integration in the Galaxy S5.

Previous rumours have hinted that the Galaxy S5 would come with the new Magazine UI.

However, the agreement between Samsung and Google to bring the version of Android found on Galaxy smartphones back in line with Google’s guidelines could mean that is no longer the case.

The photo’s EXIF data revealed that the photo comes with a resolution of 5312 x 2988 pixels. Depending the sensor Samsung uses in the smartphone, that could result in the Samsung Galaxy S5 coming with a 21 megapixel camera.

In order for the phone to come with a 21 megapixel sensor, it would need to retain the 4:3 sensor used in Samsung’s existing smartphones.

However, it has been suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could come with a 16:9 sensor. If true, it would mean that the phone would feature a 16 megapixel sensor.

That makes more sense, especially considering previous reports that the phone would come with a 16 megapixel OIS lens.

It is widely expected that Samsung will unveil the Samsung Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress next month.

First images of Samsung’s Tizen smartphone leaked

Images of Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone have been leaked online.

The picture is said to show the Samsung ZE-Q9000 Tizen smartphone. It was published online by Korean website MovePlayer, who cited an anonymous source.

According to the source, the range could launch under the brand Zeke. Samsung allegedly filed a trademark request for that name in August.

It is not possible to verify whether the image is genuine or a fake. However, the phone looks very much like Samsung’s current range of phones.

The version of Tizen shown in the screenshot is also very similar to the images leaked in December. Those pictures showed what the latest version of Tizen – 2.1 – look like currently.

Specs, specs, specs

In addition to leaking an image of the phone and claiming that it will be branded Zeke, the source also gave details of the handset’s specifications.

The Zeke will reportedly launch with a 4.8-inch high definition display and a Qualcomm 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, according to MovePlayer. It also claims that the phone will be slightly smaller than Samsung’s current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4.

The leak comes just days after Japanese network NTT Domoco reportedly cancelled the launch of what would have been the world’s first Tizen-based smartphone.

According to sources within the company, the decision was made after it realised there was little chance of Tizen successfully competing against Google’sAndroid and Apple’s iOS platforms.

Both Samsung and Intel have confirmed that there will be a number of Tizen-based smartphones on show at Mobile World Congress next month.