VLC for iOS resurrected, built from ground up this time

All those iOS owners who had been disappointed when VLC media player was pulled off from the app store can now heave a sigh of relief. The utility’s edition 2.0 is here. The VideoLAN tool will be pushed out only to those who have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which run the platform’s version 5.1or above.

The Cupertino-based company had pulled the utility from its app store way back in 2011, owing to software’s General Public License which clashed with various parameters set by the iPhone maker. Although the service is still open source, it is now bi-licensed under the Mozilla Public License version 2 and the GPLv2. The code too will be pushed to the fore today itself.

While speaking to the guys over at The Next Web, VideoLAN said that this is not merely an upgrade, but a complete re-write from ground up. It went on to call the app faster than the previous version, mentioning that the tool is compatible with all files that are supported by the desktop edition.

Get multiple choices while syncing the media player, some of which include uploading over Wi-Fi, compatibility with third-party apps through the Share dialog and more. The revamped software also offers support for streaming videos, passcode lock and background audio playback, if we had to name a few.

The global rollout has already begun and over the day, VLC will be made available to iOS owners, beginning with New Zealand and Australia. It is being said that the service has also been spotted available for download in North America.